Working towards your goals

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went hiking this past weekend. Though I’ve been on island for thirteen years, I had not ventured this trail on Oahu previously. 🥾

I had assumed that it would be a pretty easy hike, given the path was paved all the way to the top.

What I discovered, though, was that it was still more challenging than I anticipated.

Though beautiful, the trail presented continuous scenery of endless greenery 🌴🦗– plants, trees, bushes – as I trudged up the hill. I found myself looking for signs of anything along the way that showed that I was making progress on the uphill climb… but nothing seemed to pop out. I was a bit discouraged and contemplated stopping to turn back.

An hour into the walk, I took a break

💡It wasn’t until then that I took a look behind me and saw a gorgeous view of Oahu’s North Shore – something I hadn’t seen in the previous hour of my hike.

It encompassed not only the vast green wonderland but a picturesque landscape of ocean, mountains, and farmlands. 💓💚

In that moment, I was reminded that it’s easy to think the journey isn’t worth it, when you’ve been putting in the time and energy into something you have your heart set on.

The obvious signs of progress don’t always appear when you want to see them, let alone consistently on your adventure.

While it’s important to stay true to your goals and committed to the work, it’s good to take a break along that journey. You’ll see exactly how far the hard work has taken you! 💯🫡

When working towards your goals, what step in the journey do you appreciate the most?

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