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Mary Despe Career Coach

Face To Face & Remote One On One Bespoke Coaching Programs.

Here is my simple list of services and their quick descriptions.  If you’re wanting to learn more, I suggest you shoot me an email or set up a time to chat so we can discuss this further.


Critiques, Audits of your LinkedIn, Resume, Interview Responses. Includes a 45-minute consultation call. Starting at $99 + tax


Rewrite of LinkedIn profile or Resume components. Includes two 45-min meetings, draft, and final resume.
Redo & rewrite projects of the above-stated components. Starting at $250 + tax.

Real 1:1

Personalized coaching - 1:1.
By application only. 3 month commitment required.
$400/mo + tax or $1000 one-time payment + tax.
To apply, please email and in the subject write: “Coaching Services”.
We will contact you with a brief application for you to complete.


Live instruction (online or in person!). Workshops for groups (minimum 6 people) and companies. Usually around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Topics have included Personal Branding for Working Professionals, Making the Jump from Individual Contributor to Manager, The Art of Interviewing, and many more. Pricing provided upon request.

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