What’s Happening in April

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Here’s a round-up of events and resources available to you if you are in the market for a career change. 

It’s time for the April edition of The Move Up Mindset newsletter – your go-to resource for leveling up in your career, with curated tips and advice from your favorite Recruiter Insider, Mary.

Though the thought of Spring might evoke sweet thoughts of sunny days, puppies, and rainbows… We know it hasn’t been the easiest of times lately. Between the news of continued company layoffs, heightened competition for available positions, and being ghosted by recruiters and others in the hiring process, we know it’s hard out there for job seekers.

That’s why this month, it’s all about sharing tips and tools to help you stay on your job search game. We’re on a mission to share value-packed freebies that give you that oh-so-important leg up on your career journey.

Are you in?

Our favorite job search tools

We’ve curated a list of powerful (and free) job search tools that you absolutely need in your arsenal.

💡LinkedIn Profile Optimizer and X Ray Search tools by Careerflow.ai. 
Boost your professional presence with a Chrome extension LinkedIn Optimizer by Careerflow.ai! Quickly scan through to find any weak spots in your profile and get helpful tips for how you can make it shine. And when looking for the perfect connection to help you follow up on the status of your application, their X Ray Search tool will help track them down – even if they’re not showing up on a job post or application! Dive deep into detective work and uncover the leads that could open doors to success.

🎯💯 Free Resume Critique and Monthly Networking Group through The Move Up Mindset Community
Ready to take your career journey up a notch? Unlock the secrets of what it takes for hiring professionals to give you that competitive edge with our limited-time free resume critique SIGN UP HERE for your free session.

Get personalized advice from yours truly – an experienced recruiter and job search coach in just 20 minutes! And don’t forget: sign up now to join The Move Up Mindset Career Community – gain invaluable insight on how to ace any interview or navigate today’s everchanging job market through monthly complimentary workshops. 

What’s Happening in April

Speaking of The Move Up Mindset Career Community monthly workshops – please note, we’ve changed the date for April’s call – it is on Saturday, April 15th at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern/10 am Hawaii. (Normally it’s the 2nd Saturday of the month, but given the Easter weekend… we’re pushing it back a week.) 

This month’s topic: Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile – Best practices

We are also live on LinkedIn with The Move Up Mindset show on APRIL 26th –
Join us on the third Wednesday of each month for special guests with expertise in the job search and career development world.

✅TOPIC THIS MONTH? ➡️ LinkedIn and Resume optimization tips and
tricks from those directly mining the boards for talent, so you won’t want
to miss it!

You’ll get an inside view of how recruiters and others are looking to find specific candidates and skill sets, and get tips on how you can update your profiles to pull into their searches.

Guests are being finalized for the show on April 26th – we’ll be sharing news as they confirm on LinkedIn so follow me there to get the latest details.

That’s All For Now Folks!

Let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you soon.
Feel free to share this newsletter with anyone who might find this helpful.

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