What Does It Really Take To Change Careers?

The Truth About What It Really Takes To Change Careers.

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Need advice on changing careers? Want to do a career pivot? Worry about developing the career strategy that will get you to land the job you want? In this video, Mary talks about six tips to approach career growth and advancement if you’re looking to change industries and jobs for work.

She shares what she has seen what has worked for professionals who’ve been successful in making the jump, too. While there isn’t a single formula that guarantees success, here are six things you can do to influence the outcome, including:

1. Build skills in your new field & look for opportunities to learn EVERYWHERE (not just in a classroom)

2. Deepen the relationships with your people network — the ones you know — and make new connections, including those who work in the field you want or if they’re doing what you want to do

3. Play the part – start acting like you’re in the community, doing the job

4. Develop a career narrative that makes sense – master the art of storytelling!

5. Play the long game and be consistent with your efforts

6. Have an attitude of adaptability – it will go a LONG way

Watch full video here 👉 https://youtu.be/nOMLaw-eYeM

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