Job Search Networking tips: More than just a job referral

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Hey Career Movers & Shakers – Looking for advice on how to network and schmooze with your professional contacts and even those you don’t know well? Listen to this episode from the Move Up Mindset podcast addressing how to maximize your networking skills when active in your job search. Password to video:

Passcode: @9AwH&a3

This covers tips about networking:

  1. 1. Start networking and ask for recommendations to maximize your opportunities
  2. 2. Three main rules of engagements.
    • – It’s all in the mindset and not one time instant
  3. 3. Networking is more about an attitude of service to others and not just building relationships.
  4. 4. You need to be consistent with your activities to show progress with a target in sight regardless of what the current results are showing.
  5. 5. Much more…

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