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How To Answer Questions About Salary in a Job Interview – Part1

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Do you dread being asked about your salary requirements in job interviews? Do you ever wonder if there’s a right answer to this question? Are you a failure if you share a number or should you just stay quiet about what you really want to be paid by a company? —- In this video for job seekers, here are tips to know before answering questions about salary in a job you’re interviewing for?

Here are 4 TIPS Job Seekers Should Know about Salary 1. States where asking about pay history is illegal- find out if yours is one? 2. What to do and say if a company asks about your pay history? 3. How to research the competitive pay ranges in the market for jobs- what are the best websites and things to gather info? 4. Who you need to talk to get the right data points and info about careers, jobs in the market?

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