17 Interview Tips that Anyone can implement


This article was compiled by CareerConnectors.org, and first appeared on its career blog on February 24, 2023.

Here are 17 answers to the question, “What are some top interview tips for someone who is looking to land the job they want?”

The Move Up Mindset Career Community Call March 2023 Replay

Nailing an interview takes a great deal of preparation, and there’s no doubt that having the right answers at hand is essential. But here’s something you may not have thought about – understanding what your interviewer is seeking out in their perfect candidate.

The One Thing You Must Do After Applying To A Job Online

after submitting online application

The #1 thing job seekers should do when submitting their online applications? Take action! That’s what I share with my Move Up Mindset Career Community group –a free monthly community for those looking to change careers, working professionals who are ready or have already found that perfect fit but want more exposure in order obtain new interviews with top companies based simply off of sending them some competition.

Using the STAR method to Succeed at Interviews

situation, task, action, and result (STAR)

In this video I did for the #WorkforceHawaii hybrid job fair last year, I discuss how to interview successfully using a specific method – situation, task (action), and result. This is an easy way of doing your best during interviews that can also help you get hired or promoted more easily!

What to do when you’re asked to lead and you’re not the expert

When you are asked to lead a team, there is never an easy answer. You might be excited about the opportunity but also scared because it feels like too much at once and you don’t know where or how start leading your group of people into success! But remember- leadership isn’t just for those who have been through this many times before; we all deserve opportunities no matter what our experience level may entail.

4 Proven Ways To Be Seen as a Successful Leader

successfull leader

There comes a time in a professional’s career where they’re asked to lead a team. However, you never picture your first leadership experience to be guiding a group that knows more than you do.

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