How To Deal with Layoff

There has been a lot of news of layoffs – looking for quick tips on things you can do amidst the sudden change of job loss or an unpleasant career surprise? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Job Search Networking tips: More than just a job referral

Hey Career Movers & Shakers – Looking for advice on how to network and schmooze with your professional contacts and even those you don’t know well? Listen to this episode from the Move Up Mindset podcast addressing how to maximize your networking skills when active in your job search. Password to video: Passcode: @9AwH&a3 This […]

Four best approaches to research the company or job you want.

Someone recently reached out to me on LinkedIn about a job. They wanted more details about a role that was posted. Though I hadn’t shared it online nor was it something that I typically recruit for, the inquiry wasn’t out of the ordinary. After all, I am a Recruiter. While I’m certainly not perfect, I’ve […]

Avoid this popular Resume shortcut

Referencing the wrong name of the company with the person who is evaluating you during the interview. Neglecting to run the spellcheck function for your resume. Showing up late to an interview and not caring to explain your reason for tardiness. While these are rather obvious examples of things to avoid doing during the job […]

What’s Happening in April

Here’s a round-up of events and resources available to you if you are in the market for a career change.  It’s time for the April edition of The Move Up Mindset newsletter – your go-to resource for leveling up in your career, with curated tips and advice from your favorite Recruiter Insider, Mary. Though the […]

It’s not You, It’s the Economy


Here are tips I hope you never have to use.
Unless you’ve been completely off the internet or unplugged from television, you realize there’s a lot of uncertainty out there as it relates to the job market.

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